7 Steps To Performing A Farm Pond

thiet ke thi cong ho ca koiThe great blue heron is a mighty thiet ke ho ca koi ca koi bird that lives to eat fish in shallow water areas. One thing about these birds will be the fact they are highly territorial for their feeding facets. If one from the birds thiet ke san vuon sees another feeding in a pond they’ll fly right past it and look or their very own diner. Could install a heron decoy on your pond only this purpose, to keep these birds away. Kind of decoy is the alligator decoy, which is really a common predator for quite a lot of these animals coming meant for pond to order snack. thiet ke ho ca koi When animals start to see alligator decoy they place to take defensive measures and also be away. These decoy type products work well and could be a simple way to protect you pond from these predators.